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  A1websolution is a leading Offshore Outsource Web designing development Company India based in New Delhi. We provide offshore web designing, development, SEO solutions for SME's and large corporations. Our extensive experience and expertise in offshore web development validates excellent results in the field of Search Engine Optimization.
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Content is King
What is that all about?

Content... Content... Content and more content

Every webmaster worth his or her salt will tell you that if you want to progress naturally up the search engine rankings without paying for sponsored listings PPC [Pay Per Click]. You must commit some of your web marketing budget to the creation of freshly written relevant content.

But Why Do I Need Content?

The main reasons are clear
The more quality content you have on your site, the more phrases and key words it contains will give you more chances for the Search Engines to read it, index it and add it to its own database.

Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo, MSN like content especially if its new, up to date and constantly being added to your site, as it tells the search engines you are adding more relevant information for searchers to find.

Good Content can also attract back links from other sites and forums which will add to your sites link popularity and help you rank higher and improve your PR [Page Rank] of those pages and your site in general.

Web pages with little or no content on may get put into Googles supplementary results which is not good for you. If you are serious about your website and you want to improve your ranking and position you must be prepared to commit to the creation of carefully worded uniquely written [NEVER COPIED] content. Content writing is a specific skill which is not the same as general writing and should ideally be carried out by trained web content creation teams.

Why is Web Content Writing so Difficult?

The problem with creating web content is the time it takes to do which includes research about the topic, comprehension of the subject and the actual time to write and construct the page appropriately. Finding the right people to perform this task is one of the main problems, as you have to have a good grammar comprehension, proficient typing speed with accuracy and a love of words and enjoy sitting in front of a pc word processor for hours. And finally the pay isn’t that brilliant so you can see the dilemma. Finding people who fit the bill is one of the hardest tasks and keeping them interested for the long term is the next problem.

A1websolution has a Solution

We at A1websolution fully appreciate the need for good content writers who are trained up and self motivated home workers who are capable of performing this vital service. You could employ in-house content writers but they do need some supervision as long as you have the time. We prefer to use skilled outsourced workers who are freelance writers and able to stop and start their work according to their lifestyle commitments which keeps the price low for you.

Large companies can afford to employ a dedicated team of content writers in their web marketing departments to create content in amongst their other duties but whether they can produce the type of content that is suitable is dependant upon their web experience.

A1websolution Solution SEO Content Creation

We have gathered around us a small team of well trained freelance content creation writers. All of our content writers have experience writing for the web and some have been writing for the web since 1996!!. Our current team are more than capable of creating around 300 pages of well optimised and uniquely written pages of content for your website covering a whole raft of topics from, Travel to Tools, Cooking to Cutlery, Holidays to Hotels and Fashion to Fabrics virtually any subject matter.

However, we currently do not have any content writers covering technical, architectural, engineering, medical or scientific topics – if you think you might be interested or know someone who is please contact us

These are the Web Content Packages we Offer

To make it worth our researcher time and interest we 'bundle' our content pages into a minimum of 5 pages

Each page will have at least 400 words up to a maximum of 650, proof read and grammatically corrected including 30 minutes of research

We are prepared to produce a sample page paid at full price and refundable when you decide to place an order for a bundle of content

General Natural Content

1 Bundle of 5 pages $25 per page Total Cost $125
2 Bundles of 10 pages $24 per page Total Cost $240
3 Bundles of 15 pages $23 per page Total Cost $345
4 Bundles of 20 pages $22 per page Total Cost $440

2 people work on the General content, the researcher, writer and a dedicated proof reader, grammar checker

SEO Optimised Content Pages for given phrases and key words

1 Bundle of 5 pages $30 per page Total Cost $150
2 Bundles of 10 pages $29 per page Total Cost $290
3 Bundles of 15 pages $28 per page Total Cost $420
4 Bundles of 20 pages $27 per page Total Cost $540

3 people work on the SEO Optimised content, the researcher, writer and skilled optimiser to emphasise key words, phrases finally the page is checked by a proof reader, grammar checker.

Here are some commonly asked questions

Who Owns the Content you create?
How Long does it take to get 10 pages of content?
Do you offer a money back guarantee?
I am not sure what content pages I require can you help me?
Do you charge a consultancy fee?
Do you only created fully optimised content?
Can I see examples of your work?
Do you offer volume discount if I want 100 pages or more?

Who Owns the Content you create

As you commission the content and pay for it then the pages belong to you

How Long does it take to get 10 pages of content?

This largely depends upon the topic and the page length but in general we prefer to produce a page of content consisting of between 400 to 600 words. The average page can take approximately 2 hours to produce consisting of 500 words.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

We are prepared to offer a full refund if you are not happy with the content and do not use it or any part of it simply return the documents by email and we will refund your money, provided you confirm in writing why you wish to return them within 5 days of receipt.

I am not sure what content pages I require can you help me?

We offer a free consultation of your website and content appraisal and can give you a list of content required in order of priority. Contact us for your free appraisal

Do you charge a consultancy fee?

Our content creation consultation is free

Do you only created fully optimised content?

We create 2 types of content pages

  • Topic content written naturally for general reading and web page filling
  • Optimised Content which is more key word and key phrase rich with emphasised words to build and enhance your search engine ranking

Contact us and we can advise you what type of content you require

Can I see examples of your work?

Yes we are more than happy to provide you with examples of pages created

Do you offer volume discount if I want 100 pages or more?

We are more than happy to quote for large volumes of content pages projects with the proviso that you try our service first for a small number less than 5 to be sure you are happy with our service.

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