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PowerPoint Presentations

Static PowerPoint Templates

Stunning PowerPoint Templates that add a professional look to any PowerPoint Presentation by embedding a custom designed Title and Text slide into the PowerPoint Master. There are Thousands of PowerPoint Templates to choose from and if you have trouble finding the best PowerPoint Template to fit your presentation, ask a live operator in Live Help to assist you.

Animated PowerPoint Templates

Captivating PowerPoint Templates that offer detailed animations by linking to specifically designed AVI movie files. Each PowerPoint Template installs with one or two movie files created to fit perfectly with the design in the background of that PowerPoint Template. These templates will add amazing impact to any presentation.

Flash Animated PowerPoint Templates

Eye-catching PowerPoint Templates that offer Flash animations which are embedded in the PowerPoint Master and are very small in file size. Flash Animated PowerPoint Templates are designed to offer maximum area to work in PowerPoint and still offer a professional look with animation.

Animated Background PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint Templates that offer pre-built customizable master elements and animations without any additional files, plus you can easily change the colors and animations from the PowerPoint Master. Animated Background PowerPoint Templates also supply automatic animation settings to text boxes in the standard PowerPoint layouts. Simply add your text and the PowerPoint Template will handle the animations.

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